Emma Baynes Bsc (Hons) MNIMH Medical Herbalist in Chichester, West Sussex

The Consultation

Medical Herbalists aim to address the root of the problem, rather than dealing with symptoms alone, therefore enabling you to break the cycle of poor health. They are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors, yet have a more holistic approach to health care.

The initial consultation lasts approximately one and a half hours. Details of current health problems, medications, past medical history, diet and general lifestyle are taken. Simple clinical examinations, similar to those conducted by a GP, may be necessary.

Repeat appointments last approximately 45 minutes and will monitor the progress of treatment and allow appropriate changes to the prescription to be made. These are generally at 2-4 weekly intervals initially.

Herbal Medicines are mostly dispensed as tinctures (easy-to-take liquids), teas or creams as appropriate. Nutritional and lifestyle advice may also be provided.


It is very important to maintain a respect for all medicines: this is why there is no real substitute for seeking the advice of a qualified Medical Herbalist. Herbal Medicine can be used alongside pharmaceutical drugs in most situations.

The Consultation. marigold butterfly


First consultation £70 (approx. 1 1/4 hour).
Repeat consultation £40 (approx. 3/4 hour).
Concessions are available.

Medicines cost approximately £10-£15 per week

Reiki Treatment £35 (3/4 - 1 hour)

Combined Reiki and repeat Herbal consultation £70 (1 1/4 hours)

About the Herbs

I choose organic, biodynamic and sustainably grown herbs whenever possible to use in my remedies. I also use recycled products where possible and recycle glass bottles etc.

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